Your mind holds an extraordinary amount of power; your thoughts create your reality. If you want to change your quality of life, we go Beyond Your Thoughts into your subconscious mind. That is where all the necessary changes are made for you to claim your life back and get in contact with our inner self.


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Sara Simonetti
Gold Coast
2014-09-01, 01:32
Is your toddler having trouble sleeping through the night? Contact Sabrina!
Thank you Sabrina for your sessions on SLEEP TALK for our daughter, Charlotte. It has been effective and helpful to know about, and we will put it into practice with the arrival of our second daughter as well. It has been a pleasure picking at your brain - your vast knowledge in psychology in general is amazing, interesting, and very inspiring.
Thanks again, and will definitely keep in touch with you.
Gold Coast
2014-08-11, 08:35
Amazing! Very impressed!
2014-08-11, 08:35
Amazing!!! Double thumbs up! I will be telling all my friends about this..
P. H
Gold Coast
2014-08-11, 08:34
true professional
2014-03-11, 08:07
I have suffered migraines for so many years, and after a couple of sessions with Sabrina, I have officially gone 9 weeks without one and have never felt this relaxed and healthy. Could not recommend or thank her enough!!
Bronwyn thomas
Gold Coast
2014-01-06, 10:20
After the first session with Sabrina there was a huge difference in my memory, which only got better with each session. I have had improvements in many aspects of my life such as expressing myself in a non confronting way, relating to others, communicating and socialising, pursuing my goals and also improving personal and family relationships. The improvement in my self esteem,confidence and general love of life is something I could never have imagined.Three close family members now see Sabrina and are having the same positive results.

For anyone that wants or needs to change their life for the better, Sabrina provides a fast and effective (yet natural) way to reach your goals and change those annoying things in your life that hold you back.

Thank you Sabrina for helping me be the person I have always wanted to be.
Tia Ellison
Gold Coast
2013-10-07, 08:06
I first contacted Sabrina in regards to a lack of self confidence. I was having great difficulty in expressing to my boss that I thought I deserved a pay increase for the extra duties that I was completing. I had three sessions with Sabrina who treated my underlying issues with asking for what I deserve.
I am a Biomedical Science graduate with a strong scientific background, so I was some what sceptical of the benefits of Clinical Hypnotherapy. After my first session I had a new found sense of self worth that extended not only to my professional life, but also into my personal life. I have since had consults with Sabrina for 'Stop Smoking' and weight loss with great success.
I would definitely recommend seeking help from Sabrina, who I can assure you will treat you with the utmost professionalism. I am looking forward to tackling my next life challenge with Sabrina and her treatment! Thank you Beyond Your Thoughts.

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